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Packet loss for online gaming

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Hi, I've been experiencing packet loss recently at my place in ACT


I was playing an online game whose server locates in China. It had some packets loss last year but in the last few months the packets loss had increased to 80%-100%, which is making this game impossible to play. I checked the tpg connectiong status and it said there were no prolem reported.


Would you be able to check the problem for me please?



Hi @zhangqiang074 ,


Welcome to the community!

If you’re in Australia, but playing on an American or Asian server, your latency will be higher because the geographical distance creates a delay between information being sent from an Australian client-side (player’s) connection before it’s received and relayed from the American server.

Connecting or Playing to a Game server not designated to your area will affect a high latency issue particularly if the Game Developer itself made a specific Server in every location such as SEA / NA Servers etc. If you're having latency issue while playing/connected to the Australian Server please post a screen shot of the latency issue and we'll have it check.


Also perform a speed test using a desktop/laptop connected via LAN/Ethernet and post the test result on this thread for reference. 

On the other hand, in the event that you're using a device connected via Wi-Fi, we did an article that will help you on how to improve your wireless network available here.


Let us know how it will go.