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Persistent Internet dropouts since 24th November on NBN FTTN

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Hi Team, I was having an intermittant internet dropout before 24th Nov however my problem got worse after I escalated issue to TPG. TPG engaged NBN tech and since the day NBN tech visited my premisses my internet dropout issue got even worse. Before it was once in a while however post NBN tech's visit it got worst with atleast 6 times or more drop-outs a day. NBN tech changed the NBN cable wire pair from Orange-white to Blue-white and my issue got worse. I have reachout to to TPG tech explaning the same via phone as well as email but no luck. Here is the TPG ticket # 10030365. I am not seeing any progress from TPG tech and also yesterday TPG tech called me to inform that NBN tech cancelled the appointment to fix this issue. Now sometimes I feel like I did mistake my escalting issue to TPG tech in first place as before issue was once in a while and after escalation it is 5 and more times a day. Please help me in expiditing the issue resolution. Iceing on cake is - Internet dropped 2 times while drafting this message itself (you can check logs). Please help me - I am a TPG customer for last 4 years and never had any issue, but now it looks like I have to look somewhere else if the issue continues. Thank you.


Hi @rama 


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I'm sorry to learn that you're struggling to get a stable connection. I reviewed your case and from what I gathered, the NBN technician performed a repair on November 28, however, you've had multiple dropouts already prior to the said appointment.


Our Engineering Team is currently monitoring your case and is in constant coordination with NBNCo to get this sorted out. Based on the latest response from NBNCo, they're ruling this out as an internal/premise issue. We've coordinated this with our Engineering Team to assess the case. You will be contacted by an Engineer once update is available.