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Ping spikes at night for NBN 50

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So for a few weeks now, after a certain time (9 or 10pm), my ping consistently starts to spike and it goes to the 1000s sometimes (this is for games and online calls) which interrupts a lot of my activity. This is totally fine during the day, however I conduct most of these activities at night and it is impossible for me to call or play any games. I have tried following the guide to increase wifi speed (by switching wifi channels and changing router settings using the IP) but this does not combat the ping spikes. At times, I would be at 20 ping just to go all the way to 1000+ and it would consistently go back and forth which ruins any activity I do at night. Is there any way I can have this issue fixed?



Hi @kanwal22 ,

Thanks for raising this to us. Please perform the following troubleshooting below. Once the test is done send me all the test result include your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file).

Note: Perform the tests when the issue persists.


To conduct a continuous ping, ensure that none of your other PCs are doing internet activity.
Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
Type the following in "ping <IP address> -n 1000" without the quotations.
ping -n 1000
ping -n 1000
ping -n 1000

Wait for the test to finish and for the PING STATISTICS, found at the end, to show up.
Save the screenshots.

We should have 3 ping test results.


To conduct a trace route,
Open up the command prompt of one of your PCs.
Type the following in "tracert" without the quotations.
EXAMPLE: tracert

Perform another trace route to your game server.

Save a screen shot of the traceroute results.


For speed tests, please run the speed tests at :
Please just get a screenshot after the test is complete.
Please don't forget to indicate the timestamps for these tests.

and send all the screen shot of the test result.