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Please process my NBN plan relocation

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I called two weeks ago to process relocation of my NBN service to the new house I'm moving into. I called well in advance because I know it takes a while to get the installation appointment, however I have just found out that the representative put as start date on my application the 05/11/18, so efectively my relocation hasn't been processed yet because of that.


I only mentioned that date would be ideal to install it, but to process the application ASAP and if I get an installation appointment before that date I can simply reschedule it.


Can someone please make sure my relocation is processed ASAP and hopefully with priority given that I called two weeks ago?


Thanking you in advance.

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Hi @arminglf,


I apologise for any inconvenience, standard relocation time frame for NBN service takes 2-30 working days. I will chase this up with our Account Specialists Team and advise to proceed the relocation.


You will receive an Email and SMS about relocation details or you can check the status of relocation here.




Hi @arminglf


We've made a follow up on this case and can confirm now that the installation has progressed.


You would only need to plug in the modem supplied for us to detect and automatically activate the service to your new address. 


I also recommend to read our Community article regarding NBN Fibre to the Curb Setup Guide for your reference. 


Should you need further assistance, please let us know. 



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Thank you!