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Please re-connect my NBN

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Hi @danelewis36,


Thank you for your enquiry regarding your TPG FTTP connection.


Below is a list of troubleshooting techniques that may help you identify the source of your connection problem.


1) Confirm the status of the Network Termination Unit (NTU).

Take notice if the optical light is either red or off.

If the optical light is solid green, please indicate the colour and status (solid/flashing) of the LEDs on the NTU.

The LEDs should be labelled as below:




-Uni-D 1.

-Uni-D 2.

-Uni-D 3.

-Uni-D 4.

-Uni-V 1/2.



2) Confirm the router is configured correctly.

Log in to the router and confirm it is set-up for data to be transferred via the WAN port. If your router does not have a specific WAN port, try the LAN 1 port instead.


- Ensure the WAN light on the router is lit.

- Check to ensure the router is configured correctly

- Confirm the Ethernet cable from either the wall data socket or the NTU is connected into the WAN port on the router.


3) Test the router directly into the NTU.

Often internal wiring can cause dataflow problems between the router/computer and the NTU. To eliminate internal wiring as a possible cause it is required that the router is connected directly into the UNI-D 1 port on the NTU.


- If you are successfully able to gain a connection when connecting directly into the NTU, try the router on an alternate socket.

- Test an alternate Ethernet cable if a connection still fails.


If your service continues to experience connectivity issues after completing all of these steps, please let us know the results of the above and we can investigate further.