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For the last 4 days my net has been slow i mean slow that i cant even load 2 browsers.I tried speed tests and a few times i get D/L speeds of 93.8 and  U/L speeds of 26. And then most times i get D/L speed of 0.2 and U/L speed of 37.6. and lots of " Couldn't connect to the server Please try again" I have contacted the tech support and they told me they had issues but its resolved now..


From Tech support


Upon checking, your area is part of an outage a while ago please see details below: Planned Change ID- (Hidden)
Start Date -26/05/2020 10:03 AEST
End Date -26/05/2020 18:00 AEST the outage was already tag as resolve, please reboot your NBN box and router to refresh connection.


Now i have re booted both NBN and modems and still i get slow speeds and no connections warnings.. My next door neigbour has the same issues as me..

Can some one help me ??


I'm in Victoria western suburbs


Hello AusSonic,
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Thanks for the Reply Peter How long will this take to get sorted out ??