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Re: NBN Fibre to the Curb (FTTC) Setup Guide

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Hi - can you please confirm whether you need a "modem" to connect to the NBN Network Connection Device? Or can the ethernet cable go direct from the box to a WIFI router (no traditional 'modem' feature)


Just doing some research and note sure if your use of term "modem" is too generic


e.g. (is for FTTP, however does draw distrinction between modem and router)



I would like to connect direct to a Ubiquiti AMPLIFI HD wireless Mesh Router , or ASUS RT-AC86U.






Hi @symo555


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For all NBN services (FTTC, HFC, FTTN, FTTB, Fixed Wireless) except for FTTP, you will need an NBN compatible VDSL2 modem and not a router.


For NBN FTTP, you will only need a router since the Network Termination Device already serves as the modem for the connection.



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I felt inclined to register an account and leave a comment on this thread, given that incorrect advice has been provided by the community moderator.


The original poster asked if a modem is required in addition to the NCD - it's not. The NCD is the modem. To answer the OP's question, in this scenario, an additional modem isn't required, all he'd need is a router.


I'm aware that i'm resurrecting a thread, but it was the first hit on Google, after searching for 'ASUS RT-AC86U FTTC' and I didn't want others to be mislead.