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Re: TPG Email Outage

Level 3

Dear Manuel


This is more than just an issue of frustration for TPG clients. It is a disaster!


What about those who are otravelling verseas and cannot access their flight bookings, boarding passes and hotel bookings and other critical information? This has been ongoing for over 24 hours.


The service status page shows that there is no issue but this is clearly incorrect.



Level 3
Manuel...where is the backup email servers.
When there is an issue like we are having now..shouuld have been rectified a day ago..been down for over 48 hours..disgraceful TPG/Chariot.!!
Level 3

Two days now, never experienced the like before Smiley Sad

Level 3

Didn't now it was out for 48 hrs in some areas.. I logged on 24 hrs ago and not working. Your report shows only one WA area  affected. My area in WA is not included so problem worse than your records show..

Level 3

TPG You are an absolute Joke. For a company your size not to have an immediate backup plan and for this to go on for almost 3 days now with no end in sight is bloody disgraceful, you treat your customers with contempt.


The muppets that work for you have no answer other than we are trying to fix the issue. I was told by your phone operator that “sir we don't any emails either” well at least you pricks are still making money, unlike me who relies on my emails to make a livelihood.


All you do is apologise for the inconveience, while I am loosing work and customers while this is down for days.


Well F you! I am taking my business elsewhere.


Level 2

This is not an inconvenience, This is a DISASTER of major proportions. A lot of people rely on their emails for business. Maybe it's time to try a provider that actually provides and doesn't just take your money.
Very Angry Customer !!!!!

Level 1b

This "outage" is a disaster of epic proportions.  It is obvious that TPG does not know what is going on or how to rectify the problem.  It is now two full days and no resolution is sight.  Just look at the service updates on their web site.  There have been at least 10 service updates with the rectification time moving further out.  The latest 5pm today!  Totally unacceptable.  Customers must be compensated!  I cant receive flight tickets or boarding passes, cant receive insurance renewals, cant download receipts, cant do any financial transactions that require documents to be completed.  This outage is costing me money and TPG must compensate me for this.  I strongle beleive part of the problem is that TPG have their technical staff located overseas.  You cant call the call centre!  The updates are unrelaible!  I am waiting for a law firm to ring me back as I am asking if they can start a class action law suite against TPG.  I am also looking at cancelling my NBN account and emai laccount.

Level 2

Manuel, This outage is becoming close to 48 hours now. Was told yesterday they have established the problem and all would be back on line yesterday at 3PM. Now support are not even taking calls. Fluffy language and apologies are fine in the first instance. This now is a disaster. Lets start hearing from TPG what actually is happening and how many dollars TPG will be acumulatively refunding their customers.

Level 2

Manuel........When will TPG start talking compensation.......Dollars now not "fluffy platitudes and incorrect updates"

Level 3

If you are starting a class action, I'm in, as I'm sure alot of other sufferers will be too. this is costing me my business, as a designer I totally really on my emails, especially when alot of my clients are interstate, or in country areas.