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Refund for no service?

Level 2

So as I have had no internet for almost 24 hours and there will be no technician until 28/12 to look at it will I receive a pro rata refund for the period I have paid for a non existent service?


Level 2
Noticing the moderator is very selective on who is replied to.....just an observation.....

Hi @Mollybairn


Thanks for reaching out to us and apologies for the trouble. 


TPG is a prepaid service, which means we charge a monthly fee in advance before installation. The initial billing cycle commences when your install is complete. As part of our billing system’s automation, we charge 7 days before the next billing cycle. Therefore if your service is interrupted during a cycle, you have paid in advance. If you experience an outage our Engineers will assess whether you are eligible for a credit as a result of any inconvenience suffered once the issue has been resolved.


We've seen your other post and has replied on it. Let us continue the discussion on your thread here to avoid redundancy and confusion.