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Hi Support,


I am writing in a last, desperate attempt to get TPG to resolve our disconnection issues once and for all.

Over the past 6 months, the reliability of our NBN connection (FTTN) has been the worst I have experienced as an internet service customer in more than 10 years.

Since plugging in the most recent modem sent out by TPG, (11th of March by my records) we have had a total of 71 disconnections.

In that time there have been periods as long as 2 weeks or so without any issues, mostly it happens once or twice every day or sometimes between 5 and 10 times in a day. So far in June I count 27 times.

I work in IT and enjoy online gaming and watching streaming TV services in my spare time, so a reliable service is very important to me.

For some background, our 1st modem died a bit over 6 months ago, initially I replaced it with a bought off the shelf modem (NBN compatible) and since then a new modem sent out by TPG back in March. The problem persists regardless of the device we connect on our end.

My partner (the account holder) and I feel we are paying a decent amount of money for this service and as such, we expect a better service than what we are currently receiving. My expectation is for TPG to take ownership of this issue, and do what it takes to deliver a service that achieves an acceptable level of reliability.






Hi @benny,


Welcome to the community!


I'd like to know on which device(s) you experience the dropouts.


I went ahead and tried to use your Community Details to pull up the account unfortunately no match.\


To better understand the situation. Kindly PM me your account details (Username/Customer ID or Contact number associated with the account),


In case you need a reference. How to send a private message.





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Hi Shane

I'm Ben's partner and I will send you my account details

Hi @Allisonspiteri,


Thanks for sending me your details. I will run initial tests on your connection and get back to you as soon as I got the results.




Hi @Allisonspiteri,


Initial tests result shows a couple of dropouts. I'd like to know on which device(s) you experience the issue.


Kindly PM me your best contact number and preferred time tomorrow and I will have one of our Technicians call you for further test and investigation.





Hi @benny, thanks for sending us a private message.


We'll have a specialist contact you to identify what is causing the issue and what can be done to resolve it.


May we know what time you'll be home? Can you provide us your preferred time to receive a call for troubleshooting?




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I am available to take a call any time this afternoon or this evening.


If I need to be home, then that won't be until after 7:30pm.




Thanks for confirming @benny


I've now arranged a call from one of our technicians today between 7:30pm - 8:30pm. 


We would appreciate if you'll be at home during the time of call as our technicians would like carry out simple checks with you to eliminate any possible equipment issue. If this time is not suitable, please let us know and we'll have this rearrange for you. 



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Hi Erika,


That is fine, I will make sure I am home.


I'm not sure if you have access to the previous support case we have raised.


At that time we were having the exact same issues (frequent/intermittent disconnects). TPG insisted that we try putting in a loan modem/router in place of the Netgear router we were using.


We did that, but in the limited time we were given to try the load modem, the issue did not occur again. So we ended up paying a fee to keep that modem in the hope that our problems were solved.


But as it turns out, the new device has not solved the problems, they came back soon after and have continued ever since.


So I am hoping that we aren't going to be put on the same standard support merry-go-round, I believe the continued issues indicate a more serious issue with our connection to the street cabinet (or in the cabinet it's self).


Hi @benny


I understand that this issue is reoccurring and I've seen the notes from the previous case. 


As of the moment, there are many factors outside of our control which affect the services. Nonetheless, our techncians will do their best to isolate this issue and have this issue sorted. 


We'll keep an eye on your case and will provide you updates once available.