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Repeated dropouts - issue just for TPG or all providers in our area of Bineda Street, Jannali 2226

Level 2

Repeated NBN dropouts as per most people on this site and overwhelming frustration with chat function overloaded/not working and lack of any contact details. Our next billing period starts tomorrow and we have had the past two weeks of lousy internet and today topped it off with virtually nothing for most the day. I have received a number of texts from TPG speaking of a issue in our area and then texts saying it has been resolved followed by another saying there is an issue in our area and on it goes. I would like to have some answers as to whether it is the hardware in our area and switching providers would not make any difference or is it a TPG issue? Either way I am probably best cancelling and getting a mobile backup capable modem. Would like a refund from TPG for lack of service and only happy paying another month if we are actually going ot get some service!