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Repost of a reposted repost - ADSL2 Ongoing Issues

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Ok so my question regarding my ongoing issues with TPG was marked as spam for a THIRD TIME - probably by the same moderator who deleted a bunch of posts expressing legitimate concerns a few days ago for reasons known only to him. I should inform said moderator that his/her activities regarding this are being retained as evidence, and further attempts to delete legitimate concerns and issues will be reported directly to TPG. Thankyou very much for playing.  (Yes @Shane, I'm looking at you.) 


Here's my original post:


@Vhorlon wrote:

Ok so my internet is playing up.........again. We've had ongoing issues for months. Tech support have been unhelpful in resolving the issues for so long that I'm ready to go with another provider at the drop of a hat. Called tech support this time around (one of many, many, MANY times) only to have them trying to perform tests yet again that don't offer any NEW insight. They have sent a technician to my home multiple times and each time they find dropouts on the line itself. No issues with any of my hardware or connections/wiring at home. Multiple routers have been tried. Issue persists over wi-fi AND wired connections to the router - with all devices (PC/Mac/Laptops/Phones/TV/etc).


Yes. There are issues with the line. You have been saying this for months. I have run every test you can throw at me, and still you seem only to want to rinse and repeat the process over and over. Basically we have been paying for a service, and not getting anything close to what we are paying for. If anything, you are only making us hemorrhage money by forcing us to use our mobile phones for internet 70% of the time.


So I guess I'm asking you people at TPG: At what point are you going to try something different to resolve the issues? Clearly what you are doing hasn't helped for the better part of a year. "Rinse and repeat" is not - and I repeat NOT - the answer.


Or maybe I'm with the wrong provider and should DROP TPG?