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Request to raise a fault with NBN. Internet unstable despite ongoing investigation.

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We're writing in relation to our home broadband service, Warragul VIC. 

We have been in contact with NBN and they have confirmed there is an issue on our line. Accordingly can you please raise a fault with NBN so they can fix this issue as soon as possible?

We have been experiencing recurring dropouts with our service over the past 2-3 years, and have raised these with TPG previously. In our last contact with you in February (ticket number 10246137) we had a NBN technician visit and he then recommended that we employ an electrician to repair our phone line (at our cost of $105.05). We then had further contact with TPG Technical assistance as they monitored our internet connection. The service did improve and seemed stable. TPG then closed our ticket towards the end of February.
Our connection has been working until last week. It then dropped out completely – no internet for a few days. We have not been able to make any contact with TPG, despite numerous phone attempts.
The last 36 hours the internet is now working intermittently. But as we are now working from home and my husband is teaching more than a hundred university students on line, it has reached the point where our service is not usable because of the instability and frequent dropouts.

Noting this is severely impacting our ability to work from home at this time, and that this issue has been unresolved for a long period of time now, we would appreciate you progressing this urgently.


Fiona and Bert