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Service 6350153 diconnection

Level 2

I have been trying for 4 days now to get my home NBN service cancelled/diconnected as I have moved house. I have emailed multiple times, tried to chat online and phone 4 time to no avail. Can you please help ?

I received your email stating TPG will be in contact with 1 working day, however I have not heard back within 4 working day.

Can you please confirm cancellation/diconnection of the below service:

Account number or username: 6350153

Reason for cancellation: Sold house and going travelling

Requested date of service cancellation: 1st April 2020

Level 2
I feel your pain! We also sold and move tomorrow, with settlement next week. I can’t get ANY response from TPG. I’ve tried over 30 times to initiate a chat. I’ve left a message on their messenger site. I’ve sent an email to customer service.

I get COVID-19 impact but this is ridiculous.