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Signed up for 100/40 Always getting ~50/20

Level 2

I have signed up for 100/40 but always getting ~50/20

Synced to server (Current Status)


Annex A/L/M

Max Rate (kbps) 56115/22533

SNR Margin(db) 6.3/6.9

Line Attenuation (db) 14.7/39.7

Bit SWAP enabled

SRA Enabled


TS Performed:

Tried two different modem. (TPG Supplied Modem/router + TPLink Archer VR2800)

Single device connected via ethernet in both cases.

Tried with a Macbook Air Wifi

Tried with Windows Desktop (ethernet) and also another windows laptop (via ethernet and wifi)

Everytime only one device was connected while testing.


Modem was reset to factory default.

Still getting close to ~50mbps.

Only a few times it went upto ~52mbps / ~22mbps


As this is a constant speed of around ~50/20, my guess would be instead of enabling 100/40 for this connection, may be someone has activated 50/20.


Can you please check and advise?