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Slow ADSL 2+ Speed after moving house

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I am receiving slow internet speed after moving to my new home, I am getting around 2.6Mb/s down and 0.5Mb/s up. Previously I would get up to 15Mb/s down.

I have tried both wi-fi and cable both receiving the same results and have isolated the DSL line (no filters, connecting straight to the socket).


Please help, thanks.




Hi @namy,


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We've managed to run some remote test on your service and we are currently not seeing anyt line fault that can affect the speed of your connection. I need to further investigate why your modem is currently getting slow speed. Can you help me answer the following questions below:

How many telephone socket(s) do you have at home?:
Make and model of the modem?:
Age of the modem?:
Is the modem connected straight to wall socket without filter?
Have you tried a different modem? 


Kind regards,


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Thanks for the reply,


-We only have one, however a technician did come over and cut/move a lot of our cabling around as were installing new powerpoints and sockets.


-I tested on two modems both with the same results. Linksys X3500 and the default one that came with the TPG package Huawei HG532d


-Huawei is almost 2 years whereas the Linksys is 1 year


-Yes we tried both, with and without filter.




Thanks for the details, @namy.


I would like to arrange a call from one of our Technicians for further test and investigation.


Kindly, PM me your best contact number and preferred time today.