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Slow NBN50 Upload Speed

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I upgraded to the NBN50 plan yeatersday to get better upload spped. I'm uploading all my photos.

After the change, Im  still getting less than 1 Mbit/sec.

I've tried on my iPad and my computer, and I have connected with a wried connection to the router. It's a new installation, and an NBN FTTB connection, so there should be no local loop issues.

Any thoughts?

I've attached an image of the test using the wired connection.

Even the download speed is pretty rubbish for a sunday morning, though a lot better than last night. However, it's the upload speed that is killijng me, and this has been consistent since the new plan was activiated.


Hi @cweng50


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The speed test results you posted is not normal for an NBN50 plan. It seems like your upload


Let me check your account for us to have a better idea on what's going on. I tried pulling up your records using your community details, but we're not able to find an NBN FTTB account. Can you PM me your username or the customer ID together with the service address?


For your reference: How do I private message (PM) in the community