Slow adsl2+

Level 2

Hi, our internet speed is really slow...mansfield, brisbane.


We have rest modem, regards


Hi @Hintonad4,

Welcome to the Community!

We have checked the status of your connection and we are detecting an activity, which is consuming the entire upload speed and possibly causing the slow connection issue. It could be a program running in your devices background, automatic updates and cloud storage programs (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc.)

If multiple devices are connected at the same time, it will lead to a bandwidth sharing issue, wherein the speed is no longer enough to accommodate the devices and each device online activity.

In order to fix this, we need to identify what online activity and which device is consuming a lot of bandwidth/speed by performing an isolation test. We can also limit the bandwidth usage and make sure that the Wireless Network is secured.

Nonetheless, we will have a specialist contact you on the mobile number we have on file for further assistance.

If you have a preferred contact details, please provide it via PM so we can advise our Technical Team.


Hi @Hintonad4, our Technical Team tried to contact you, but it appears that the call was missed.


If you're still having issues with the service, please provide us your availability or preferred contact details via PM so we can advise the Team to process a callback. Thank you.