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Slow internet speed

Level 1a

I have been with TPG for several years now on adsl2 and have had great service until last month when I starting experiencing slow speeds. 

Did speedtest and sometimes I get a max of 3 - 8 mbps despite running only one device. Rang TPG who said there was a fault in the line which Telstra fix a week later. 

Hooray speed got increased but for only 2 days and its has slowed down again.

Rang TPG again this evening but gave up after 20mins of listening to their garbage music and tips.

i am seriously considering changing provider.


Hi @JHalkhoree,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Thank you for bringing this matter to us and we are sorry as well for the inconvenience this has caused. We'd like to help in resolving this issue for you.



I was able to locate your account using your Community details and currently seeing a good connection speed being received by your modem. May I ask if how much speed are you getting as of this time when you conduct speedtest? Also, are your devices connecting via WiFi or Wired connection?