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Speed Halved (NBN FTTC 85+Mbps)

Level 2

I activated my NBN100 plan on Friday.

Speeds were awesome until Monday evening (3 days I was getting speeds of around 80-95Mbps).....did multiple tests and runs.


Now the speed is showing as if the plan is NBN50. Its constantly around 40-48 Mbps.

I have tested by directly connecting the modem to my laptop and even standing next to the router and doing multiple speed tests.

I have gone through the Knowledge Base (Knowledge Article) highlighted here.(self an IT person so I understand what I am doing) and referring to the KM before raising the incident or issue, trying to self resolve but all indications are towards a speed restriction not an outage.


There is definitely speed restriction , coz the speed is not dropping to 10,20, 30 Mbps or not between 60,70 ,80Mbps 

but its consistently between 40-50Mbps as if I am on NBN50 plan not NBN100 plan.


Referred these articles:


Can someone please assist.






Some NBN100 or 50 services are not reaching speed or become unstable,

If you experience those issues please advice us to do a technical support.