Speed & Latency

Level 2
Hi. Since moving to HFC In October 2017; I have constantly been getting some good Download & upload figures compared with the NBN dial-up speeds ! October 17 my first registered speed was 415Mbps down with 52Mbps upload . As of today my Download is 465/485Mbps latency 4-7sec with upload of 57Mbps. I have reached 511Mbps! Even using a VPN it only drops another 25Mbps. This "technology " I had combined with cable TV in 2001. Then my overall speed was 105 - 123Mbps. This of course is through your subsidiary IINET. I quite astonished to think that my 2001 speed & broadband width then is & was 3 times faster & efficient than what you now sell as NBN Broadband ??? Admittedly I am a programmer & know how to efficiently clean a PC, but that cannot be the only supporting evidence. My concern is that the NBN that you & others sell to the unsuspecting public is nothing more than 'Dial-Up' via COPPER WIRE that I, & 15 others at Telstra programmed way back in 1997-1999!! (Of which we apologize profusely ) I still have documentation in my personal file indicating to the Admin of that company NOT to sell this as Broadband, Narrowband at best as Copper Wire cannot send the Necessary packets of data through effectively to constitute a Broadband connection & platform . Dr. Alexander Graham Bell issued this in his first white paper in the 1800's. I look forward to your response . Thank you.