Still waiting

Level 2
I’ve been trying to change my address on my account for 4 days now. No one on live chat seems to be able to help and passes me to another team. I had someone call me this morning about a plan change and when I said I also need to change address they quickly said someone else will call then put the phone down. Clearly if a customer isn’t going to be spending more money with you then you’re not interested in resolving the issues. If I don’t have this resolved by 1pm tomorrow (03/04/20) I will have no option other than to cancel my account and find another provider. This is stopping me from working from home. I’m paying for internet that I haven’t had for a month now due to emergency leaving of previous accommodation. This is not good customer service even with the current issues of COVID-19. Surely your ‘moving home’ team should of been able to resolve this after I waited 3hours in the queue yesterday but they told me to go online through my account (which I said won’t work) and promptly ended the chat