Stopped internet

Level 2
There’s no connection. Internet and adsl lights are off 4 days ago and I called and sent you but there’s no answer

Hi @Angel2409,


Thank you for your inquiry regarding your TPG connection.


It sounds as if your modem isn't able to pick up the ADSL signal on your phone line. This can be for a variety of reasons, but most often is due to a physical one such as a fault with a socket, phone cable or the wholesale cabling between your house and your telephone exchange.


Some simple troubleshooting might be able to resolve the issue, and it's also needed in order for us to log a fault.


Please perform the following, and let us know the results.


1) ADSL services require a phone line that's operational and is free from static or audible interference. Please check your phone line and ensure that it works, and that you have a nice clean tone on the line.


2) Remove all devices from your phone sockets, so that just your modem is plugged into a socket. Ensure any filters are removed as well, and see if this resolves your connection issue. If so, it could be that another telephony device is faulty, or perhaps one of your filters are faulty. When plugging your modem in, give it 1-2 minutes to boot up and reconnect before testing your connection.


3) If this hasn't resolved your issue, please try and replace the phone cable that's running from your telephone wall socket to your modem. These cables often degrade over time, and can often cause issues like what you're experiencing.


4) If there's no change, try your modem on another phone socket if possible. This will rule out any faulty sockets you might have. Remember to give the modem a couple of minutes to connect, and keep an eye on your "DSL" or "ADSL" light if the modem has one. This should flash and eventually be constantly lit up.


If you see no improvement after trying the above, please let us know and list the troubleshooting you have completed.