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Sudden drop to <1 Mbps download on NBN 50 Plan

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Hi TPG Community


Our home internet on an NBN50 plan, after working fine since installation, this morning dropped to downlod speeds below 1 mbps (we're talking 0.03mbps - when I can even get the speed test to work!) It's been like this all day, and the strange thing is the upload speed seems to be 19mbps, which is far more in the normal range?


This is totally unusable and not even close to what we'd expect from the plan - plus, given we're all working from home at the moment due to COVID, we're desperate for a solution ASAP.


I rang this morning and was given ticket number 10677886 and told an engineer would call today, but I haven't heard anything yet, and TPG haven't responded to my text or email.  Has anyone experienced anything like this before, and if so what were the next steps to getting it fixed? Do you know how long it took? Does anyone have any suggestions for troubleshooting in the meantime?


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