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TMC, not happy TPG

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Just want to say that after nearly 20 years with TPG that I'm very very unhappy about having to migrate my email over to some company I have never even heard of, and having to pay for the privilege!


This is going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of people, especially loyal long term users who have used TPG email for so many years for nearly everything. Having to pay for a service where the pricing is not even available, and knowing how difficult this is going to make email communications for long term users is extremely unfair. This is a really rotten move by TPG and I'm currently deciding whether or not to keep using TPG in the future. Smiley Sad

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Long term customer who has blindly stayed with TPG, in part, to retain continuity of my email address. 

If forced to pay a third party for continuing use of said address I won't have any problem with changing to a new provider for internet & 2 mobile phone  services.

Time to register for TMC and do research for new provider 😥



Level 3



TPG sux, used to be a great company. What good is an internet company without email? It's like a car without wheels.


Kind regards