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TP Link VR 1600 cannot work in some houses

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This is not a question but rather some info for hapless users like myself. 

Be aware that the TP Link VR1600 modem DOES NOT work in some houses due to incorrect IP protocol with the NBN. My old modem was giving problems and TPG sent out a new VR 1600 which DID NOT work. Finally, TPG technician came and even his own VR 1600 did not work. He tried everything. Numerous calls to colleagues at TPG. Spent over 2 hours at my place. Told me he had other clients with the same problem who kept being sent this brand and make of modem-router, with no internet connection each and every time. Thank you Ahmed for your help and dedication. A real gem you are. Just be aware folks, that sometimes these things happen (I was told the VR 1600 poses no problems to most households) and you really really need a technician to come and see for himself/herself and feed this information up the line for you.