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TPG Change of Plan Drama

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Yikes, what a drama this turned out to be. Consider this a complaint and warning for anybody else in the same boat.

I get that everybody is working from home and have switched to chat because of COVID-19, but the first person disconnected the chat because I didn't respond in 30 seconds, the second person told me there was no issue and to try again in 24 hours.

(This is when I realised the email chat transcript wasn't working, so the next 2 chats I saved manually)

The third person told me the sales team has no idea about what they can sell and just allowed me to move on to NBN100 even though I couldn't get it (chat as below):


PhillipNBN100 plan still not active.

TPG SupportPlease wait as we connect you to a Support agent

account_boxDoricoHello! I'm Dorico! Thank you for contacting TPG! How can I help you today?

PhillipHi Dorico. I upgraded to NBN100, recieved the email confirmation yesterday it was completed, but i am still seeing speeds i had on my NBN50 plan.


DoricoI would love to help you with that! But first for verification purposes only, May I know your username and complete address please? Thanks!


DoricoLet me pull up your account first! Please wait

PhillipUpstream Downstream
Current Rate (kbps) 10889 37047
Max Rate (kbps) 10889 36481

Doricoand let run some test here in my end

i can see here that your plan was already upgraded, however let me run some speed test here in my end

still running some test, please wait

im still here, please wait 🙂

PhillipNo problems Dorico, thanks.

DoricoUpon checking the results of some test here in my end. The combination of fiber and copper distance in your premise affects the speed of your connection.

PhillipThe speed never changed from NBN50 to NBN100.

DoricoThats the reason why cant get the speed you had upgraded

PhillipI have been charged and received confirmation of it being completed.

DoricoI think the one you talk about the upgrade is not aware of your line that it cant be able to receive more than 40Mbps speed

The best advise that i will provide you now is to downgrade your plan because even if you upgraded to nbn100 you will still get a speed just like nbn50

PhillipSo, wouldnt that have been checked when i upgraded? This seems more a technical issue.

Happy to lodge a TIO complaint since i am being charged for NBN100 but now you're telling me i can only get 40Mbps.

Or, you could lodge an NBN fault since there has been no change in the speed since the upgrade indicating a fault on the NBN side.

I know my distance from the exchange.

DoricoLet me check my resources here in my end, please wait.

we apologize to that. To the sales representative that you had talk to, he/she have no idea about the capacity of your line. The best advise that i will provide you now is to downgrade your plan and will be transferred you customers service.

NBN will invalid the lodge because they cant upgrade the speed capacity of your line

Downgrade is the best thing to do now

PhillipGreat, organise the credit applied to my account and drop back to my original NBN50.

i will find an alternate provider after this.

I dont care about not being able to get NBN100 with TPG, i do care that i was successful advised that it was done and charged for it when it wasn't.

DoricoI will transfer you now to the customers service, but let me please to inform you that you will still get the same speed with other providers since its still connected to nbn

Thanks for contacting us, i will transfer you now for the downgrade

PhillipBut they wont try and sell me something that they cant deliver, you see what i am saying?

Doricoyes mr customer, but just what i have said earlier, our sales representative doesnt know anything about the line capacity

We apologize to that.

I will transfer you now. Thank you!




I was disconnected by the agent at that point and needed to open and wait for a new chat with Customer Service.



TPG Customer ServicePlease wait as we connect you to a customer service agent

All of our Chat Support team members are currently assisting other customers. Please enter your query while you wait and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

RosalynHi Philip can you please tell me more about it?

PhillipI have spoken with 3 people in the technical support group, the last one was 'transferring me to customer service' but disconnected the chat.

I recently upgraded to NBN100, received confirmation it was completed, but i was still on the same speed as i had on NBN50.

The last person i spoke to advised i am not able to get NBN100 and i should speak with sales for credit and drop back to NBN50.

I hope you are able to access the full conversation in record. Username: XXXXXXX
Address: XXXXXXX

RosalynMay i know why you cant get the NBN100? Is the speed cant be provided on the location?

Are you still there?

PhillipYes, they are advising they cannot achieve anything above my NBN50

But would not log a NBN fault. Advised that sales dont know this when they sell NBN100.

RosalynDid you receive an email about the max speed?

PhillipI upgraded to NBN100 yesterday and received confirmation it was completed.

So if i can only receive NBN50, then my plan needs to be downgraded from NBN100.

RosalynBut how was the speed got assessed? usually if we cannot provide a speed in your area due to some limitations you will receive an email. Did you receive any?

PhillipI have been with TPG for almost 2 years now. I have had NBN50 since i signed up,and recently had the upgrade to NBN100.

If i cant get the speeds above NBN50, i am not sure why the change of plan to NBN100 went through.

RosalynMay I have your Customer ID or Username, so I can take a look at your account?"


RosalynThank you. For security and privacy, may I confirm your full name, address and date of birth to ensure I'm speaking with the account holder?



What we will do here philip is to go back to Nbn50 and that's the time credit can be requested


Rosalynill connect you to our change of plan team. one moment


This one transferred properly, after a 15-minute wait I get the next person who needs to be assessed for quality and probably shouldn’t be on your chat platform, it was taking 4 minutes for each reply on average so for a short conversation it took 30 minutes to finally downgrade to NBN50 again - Myself by the way due to 'system upgrades'.


AprilHi phillip


AprilWe understand that you uograded the plan to nbn100.its completed already since yesterday.

We are sorry to hwar that your are javing iasues woth the speed for your plan.. Did you talk to our technical support already

PhillipCorrect, and customer service and technical support advised i am unable to get NBN100.

AprilWe are sorry to hear about that. Regarding that since it's technical.limitationa woth your address tje option we have ia to put the plan back to nb50

PhillipGreat, can you please organise that.

AprilKindly bear with me..

Phillip we apologize since currently we are experiencing systwm update you may change your plan directly to your tpg acct online

PhillipYou are kidding me right?


So anyway, I have downgraded back to NBN50 - haven't checked to see how that’s gone yet and I’m a bit scared to look in fact. April never responded to that last message even after her 4-minute average response time, I hope she is Ok.