TPG Compensation

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According to the news article on ACCC, it says that "TPG Internet Pty Ltd (TPG) will compensate nearly 8,000 of its customers who were misled about maximum speeds they could achieve on certain TPG NBN plans."


Is this happening?

Community Manager

Hi @tom000107,

Yes, TPG will be contacting affected NBN FTTN/FTTB customers in February to advise the maximum speed their connection can achieve and explain the remediation options available to them.


We apologise to the NBN customers that have been confused about broadband speeds, the total number of which represents less than 3.5% of our total NBN subscriber base.  


Late last year, TPG has recently implemented the new ACCC guidelines which includes promoting Typical Evening Speeds as well as confirming FTTN/B speeds after activation. We hope that the risks of such confusion will diminish.

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Looks like this is an industry wide issue not just a TPG issue....

Telstra and Optus are also giving compensation.

Telstra offers to compensate 42,000 customers for slow NBN speeds

Optus to compensate customers for slow NBN speeds