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Dan Level 1
Level 1

Hi Guys,

TPG has FTTB to my building but they ran out of nodes/ports so could not supply the FTTB connection (set up $30 and speeds around 50 MBPS). So now I was kind of stuck with the option of ADSL2+ (set up $110/- and max speed 20 MBPS). Both plans cost $59.99 per month. (I'm hoping this isnt just a money making scheme)


My question is if later on a so called node/port becomes available, will TPG charge me the $30 set up as well for the FTTB set up which would be pretty dissapointing .. 

Also will TPG send me another modem to for the FTTB or will the same ADSL2+ modem be applicable?


Hi Dan,


If you will apply for ADSL 2+ now and decide to switch to TPG FTTB once ports are available, then you can apply for plan change with no charge. However, a $10 modem shipping fee will apply and a new TPG FTTB modem will be sent to you since the ADSL2+ modem is not compatible.