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TPG FTTB drops out every hour or so

Level 2
Over the last 2 or 3 days, my FTTB connection has experienced droputs every hour or so. I live in a unit. How do I diagnose the problem? The status of my modem is as follows.
All the best, Paul

Product type HG658
Device ID redacted
Hardware version HG658BZV VER.A
Software version V100R001C216B012SP03
Batch number BC216P3.012.A2pv6F039e.d24a
MAC Address redacted
System up time 1 days 16 hours 9 minutes 52 seconds
Connection Status
DSL synchronization status Up
DSL up time 00:05:42

Line Status
Line standard VDSL2
Channel type
Downstream line rate (kbit/s) 99998
Upstream line rate (kbit/s) 40957
Downstream SNR (dB) 14.9
Upstream SNR (dB) 12.1
Downstream line attenuation (dB) 1.2
Upstream line attenuation (dB) 2.9
Downstream output power (dBmV) 14.5
Upstream output power (dBmV) -4.3
Downstream CRC 2331
Upstream CRC 384
Downstream FEC 144517
Upstream FEC 0

Hi @penguian,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match.


I've ran remote tests and the results does not show a clear conclusion that there's a fault with the line outside.

I would recommend to have one of our technicians call you to do real time testing to eliminate any possible equipment, Wi-Fi limitation and bandwidth sharing issue.


Please let us know your best contact time and number via PM and we'll have this arranged for you.



Level 2
Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I am new to this forum, and can see nothing on this page that tells me how to send a private message.

Hi @penguian!


You may visit click this link for more details on how to send a PM. 




Hi @penguian


Thanks for sending your contact details via PM. 


I've now arranged a call from one of our technicians tomorrow, Wednesday 23 May between 3:00pm - 4:00pm. 


We would appreciate if you'll be at home during the time of call as our technicians would like carry out simple checks with you to eliminate any possible equipment issue. If this time is not suitable, please let us know and we'll have this rearrange for you. 



Level 2

By "a call" do you mean that the technician will call me on my phone, or that the technician will visit my premises? I am assuming that you mean that the technician will visit and that I will need to be at home. I will leave work at 2:30pm and should be home by 3pm.

All the best, Paul



Hi @penguian,


A technician is scheduled to call you today between 3-3:30 AEST to do further test and assessment over the phone.


Let us know how it will go.