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TPG Live Chat members are lying

Level 2

After spending almost 2 hours waiting for someone on Live Chat to respond to me, I finally got an answer. I responded within 15 seconds after they said they would transfer me to another team, instead they closed my chat with no option to continue. Now it is too late to start another chat.


Why are they saying they will transfer me only to just close the chat? 


The biggest problem with the reduced services right now is TPG is failing to set our expectations properly. There was no warning for how long the queue would be or for how long I would wait. If you need to close the chat, say so but don't lie and say you are transferring me. 


On top of this, I used the live chat form to send a copy of the live chat to my email. Half an hour later I still haven't recieved any email, despite signing up to this forum during that time and receiving that confirmation email. 

Level 2
**kkkk rubbish connection