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TPG - The Messaging Company - Email Aliase Situation

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If anyone finds out any information on the email aliase situation from TPG to The Messaging Company - can they post it up for everyone. Thanks


I think TPG, if they wanted to get rid of their email service, should have transferred everyones email etc over to the new company, then let people opt out, than the way it currently is. Then all email addresses and aliases would have been transferred over. Obviously there are privacy concerns etc around doing so, but the current debacle... I can see TPG loosing many customers over this.

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From everything I've seen, it is obvious that you will need a seperate account with TMC for each Alias.

What is not known is how you do this and who pays for anything other than the primay account.


You are correct to have privacy concerns.

Please read This: An open letter to all TPG users about Email Migration.