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TPG confirms problem cant be fixed lol

Level 2

I attached the Exetel connection to SEA server and the TPG connection to SEA server. 

TPG told me they gonna fix the problem, but after weeks I never heard them back. So I called them, they told me its not gonna be fixed loooooooooooooool. OMG, just one question, why didnt you inform me that update?????????????????????????????   believe it or not , I m gonna bring 1100 accounts away, we all gamers, we need that connection to SEA server.


Hi @palpalpalpal,


I was able to locate the account and I've seen that the issue related to the reported latency problem has been escalated to our Engineering Team for further handling and investigation. We will chase this with our Engineering Team expect them to provide you a feedback within 24-48hrs via SMS or Phone call. We apologise for any inconvenience.