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TPG hiding behind a finger

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A few days ago, I managed to get an issue resolved (ticket 10258317) after three weeks of battling with TPG (and NBN). It turned out that my modem was faulty, and the solution was to replace the modem. I suspected that from day one, given the way the problem started (lightning strike), and I did ask TPG to send me a modem right away on day two (I even accepted to pay for it to speed things up). TPG refused to send me the modem saying they needed to check the line first, and there was no way for me to get a new modem even if I was prepared to pay for it. Then the NBN shemozzle took place, with two failed appointments and a thousand phone calls. Three weeks later, I finally got the modem and that solved the issue.
Had TPG sent me the modem when I asked, I would have had the Internet up and running at least two weeks earlier.
I also asked, in writing, to be put in touch with a person of authority within TPG, somebody in a supervisory position or management position, so I could vent my disappointment. My request must have fallen in a black hole since nobody even acknowledged receipt.
I still want to talk to a person in authority at TPG and I believe it is my sacrosanct right as a customer.
At TPG they seem to hide behind a finger, and they use the complexity of their system to stuff you around. But I think they have not factored in my determination. I am going to use any mean at my disposal to get what I am entitled too.