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Hi there,

Have anyone got issues with contacting technical support since Saturday 25 April.

We have called everyday, email to helpdesk, got through 1 chat but no one has contacting us since!

Very poor service and it is frustrated as we still stuck with TPG for another 10 months.

Can someone call us?


Hello minhkhoivu,
Thank you for being a part of the TPG Community and apologies for the frustrations you have encountered. Due to rapid changes as a resukt of Covid-19 restrictions it has been difficult at times for people trying to contact TPG.
Though I'm unable to call you I'm sure we can resolve you problem here, for verification purposes can you please send me a private message (PM) by clicking on my name and provide the following information:
 Username
 Full Name
 Full Address
 D.O.B.
I will reply ASAP on receipt of the above.
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Level 2

Hi Peter,

After my message, we kept calling and finally someone has called my dad.

He has been told that a technician will contact us tomorrow.

However, as a telecommunication service, there are many ways you can reach out to your customers regardless of covid-19.

I had to hang up after 1 hour waiting from my mobile, sent email to helpdesk@ and no reply at all! Chat to Dana and she said she will send a message for me and today we kept on calling... the service is pathetic.

Funny that I got your response when I posted a message on the community!!!