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The Messaging Company Transfer - Microsoft Outlook Account Settings

Level 3

So with MS Outlook you have to set the inbox and outbox to recognise the emails are coming and going from "".  Now that the email will be going via The Messaging Company will we have to mkae changes to the Outlook settings?  You will notice that The Messaging Company does not currently have any contact details.  So if this company has been operating for some time why cany users contact them.  Sounds like to me TPG is trying to sell us a big fat LEMON!

Level 2

The contact details are here


TheMessagingCo is owned by

Queensland registed company that provides cloud base solutions for ISP's and telco businesses.

It is difficult to know the company's origin location tho as the user data is storaged in either Germany or United States 

I'd be interested in the ongoing costs to use their service once TPG pulls out


However , it would be nice to know the mail settings for the inbound and outbound would be when TPG drops complete support of email services?

It says in the release notes from TPG that it all stays the same , but in recent days when sending email from tpg I get a error message saying "sender address unknown" and email fails to send .. it was all working before that