The TPG Experience

Level 6

I have been a TPG customer since the age of dial-up at the blazing speed of 56kbits per second when the only reason to have internet at home was so that you could have email. I moved away from TPG for a couple of years as at that time TPG was not offering ADSL in my area and someone else was at a reasonable cost.

I came back to TPG the moment they offered ADSL in my area as TPG prices were very competitive. I have stayed a TPG customer since then, changing service types over the years with the relentless progress of communication technolgy.

In all those decades that I have been a TPG customer I have had no issues with my service; sure I had a slower download speed from time to time, but hey, nothing is perfect! And besides, any issue I had(teething  problems with a new service), the moderators on TPG Community Forum were quick to resolve. The one issue that has bugged me to this day is email delays and email loss which the TPG postmaster has not been able to figure out.

These days TPG products are not the most competitive in the market but I stayed with TPG because as I wrote above, I had a problem-free service and I didn't want the hassle of updating numerous service providers with a new email address that changing ISP would entail.

And now TPG is stopping the provision of email - not sure who decided that this was a good idea and I am sure that there are cost savings to be made but for me, the loss of email removed one reason that kept me at TPG. So, I have initiated a "service cancellation" request and while the TPG web-site is not exactly helpful with cancellations, the moderators again came forward to help, even doing their best to retain me as a customer and organized for someone from accounts to call me. The person entrusted with the task made one call attempt that never reached me (my phone never rang altough I received an SMS advising me of a missed call) and sent me an SMS saying they attempted to call me and failed and that they have sent me an email. Three hours later, the email from showed up in my inbox with  instructions to either reply to the email to request cancellation or to call ... I am not a masochist, so I replied to the email and I have received an acknowledgment of the cancellation request which I am told will take several days to process.

So, here I am, on the cusp of leaving TPG. I have had a very positive multiple decades long TPG experience. So, thank you TPG for the excellent service.