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Three days without NBN services

Level 1b

We have more than 5 days without NBN services from Friday 22 of February until now, so we have been calling several times to TPG Customer Services and the answer is always the same "We have identify 26 houses with the same problem in your Area, We have contacted NBN Technical Services   and  We will contact to you ASAP when the problem is fixed".


They said what there are 26 houses with the same problem, according with their answers, looks like only 26 cases for fix, but actually, you are not taking into account the total of the community affected by your service, if any house have more than one person, for example, we are 5 people here using internet, which means that around 100 people have been affected with the same problem.


They have not came to check what the real problem is, service or connection.

I have got some Questions about it.

1.  What is your time window for solving this issue? we have more that 5 days in this situation

2.  Are there other ways to report this problem and get a real solution?

3.  What is the entity who is responsible for this class of services? T.I.O.?





Community Manager

Hi @Luis,

Welcome to the Community.

Sorry to hear that your having this issue now for 5 days.

I want to get this resolved for you and give you the answers you need.

Ive tried to look up your account but could not find it using your community details.

Can you please PM me your username or the mobile number registered to your account so i can further investigate this for you.

I will wait for your message.


Level 1a

Hi Manuel:

Account ID is 910228

Ticket:  8254868


Also, could you please let me know why my user (Luis) has been blocked in the community?


Thanks for your help

Community Manager

Hi @pcelemin,

Thanks for the details. I have pulled up your account and i will investigate this myself.

Not sure what happened to the Luis profile. It looks active in the system. I'll resend a verification email which should fix that issue.

Give me a bit of time to see what is happening with your service.

Ive also removed your address from the previous post for your security reasons.



Level 1b

Hello Manuel

 Thanks for the Link for verify my account in the community.

  It is working Right Now 

It was quick.

I am still waiting for good news about my NBN services.


Community Manager

Hi @Luis,

As per our conversation.

The NBN technicians are having hard time trying and get your's and other people service fixed due to the Node (NBN Infrastructure) being currently underwater.

Due to health and safety they have to work slowly to make sure their workers are safe and not at risk.

We have been working with NBN management on our customers behalf to get this rectified as soon as possible.

The last update we have from NBN are that they are pumping the water out of the Node and have a crew to ready to fix the the fault.

They have also tentatively said that it should be rectified tonight.

But we will keep you posted in the community.