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Three weeks later - still waiting for internet re-connection

Level 2
Level 2

This is now becoming ridiculous TPG!!  3 weeks of no internet.


Finally after a week of not being able to get any contact from any support personnel through any method I finally got someone to assist and was moved through the system and a ticket created.  


For 2 and a half weeks the message kept telling me the problem would be resolved by Apr 1 - yesterday.

Of course that hasn't happened and I have heard nothing for days on the now expected new date.


How am I supposed to work from home with no internet?? Thankfully I am currently still able to go to work but that won't continue for much longer. 


Please don't expect my next bill to be paid given I'm heading into the fourth week of no internet.


I have resorted today to posting on community and sending yet another email to the helpdesk.  Hopefully they'll answer sooner than the last time when a response came 2 weeks later.

Get this mess sorted please.