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Unable to Get an Answer from TPG 'Support' re Change Plan Problems

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Dear Community


Am having the strangest, most frustrating conversations with TPG I've ever had at the moment - am unable to get a straight answer from the many people I've had to speak with there so grateful if anyone has any ideas as to what is going on.


We recently moved house and had NBN connected - eventually, after 4 technician visits for which I had to leave work to attend - this is the third house I've had it with TPG so hasn't been a problem in the past.


Once things were working I went over the download limit so have been throttled, which makes the internet and VOIP unusable.  Fair enough, my error.  So I called up the same day to change my plan to unlimited - is now 4 days later and TPG have still not allowed the change.


Have been given a variety of hints by various people at TPG, but no straight answers - they all start off by saying no problems to make the change but then put me on hold for several minutes and then say I have to just wait (for an unknown amount of time).  When pressed, one person suggested TPG did not close off a previous job with my account and that is blocking the change.  Another person said that I have to wait until my new billing cycle starts, which is several days away still - but then they changed their mind.


Any thoughts on what the issue is and/or tips on how I can get action?  Is a massive inconvenience to my family, one of whom has been unable to do their online study and is falling behind.


Thanks in advance






Hi Eddie,


The plan upgrade was delayed due to an account restriction which was resolved today. You will be updated by our Plan Change team for the upgrade.

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Thank you