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Unable to change plan < E:adsl_comm:thread_exists >

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Awful upload speed (0.8 Mbps) on my new Fised Wireless 12Mbps plan have driven me to attempt to change plans to 25Mbps online. Would love it if they had actually advertised the upload speed when I picked the plan, but this appears to have been omitted.  Problem is I cannot change plans - it throws an error when the page is submitted:  E:adsl_comm:thread_exists 


A three hour wait for a Tech Support chat session (75th in the queue when I was finally allowed into it...sigh) did not resolve this - was told that my issue would be handed off to Support (!?) and the session promptly ended. No case number provided, no phone call or email - the problem remains. Was this a hang-up??  Emailed Helpdesk, and an auto message suggested I contact Tech Support with a Case Reference number...which I wasn't given. Sounds like a system in melt-down!  Anyone have any suggestions?