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Upgrade from Adsl to NBN

Level 2
Hi TPG team,
Hard times at the moment which I completely understand, so far when I've gotten through to your support team they have been great. However, I've been trying to get in contact with the team regarding the upgrade the last couple of days with no luck! The online chat asks me to try again, the phone number is on hold for 30-50 minutes then hangs up and I'm not getting any responses to my emails.
This is a more public forum than I'd rather use and I don't want to detail my issue too much due to personal issues, however my partner will soon be on palliative care at home and I've been told I'll require some form of the internet to assist with monitoring her health.
As I've stated in my emails, I'm happy to go back to my ADSL connection if possible as we are desperate to get the connection again. I've also been unable to work from home due to the "upgrade", so in total we are unable to wait until the 20th of April for my connection to "Possibly" be corrected.
Please provide some assistance, even a response to my emails would be great! If we can't get a solution to this I'll need to look at alternate options unfortunately..
Level 2
I've received no response from this post, my email and complaint or phone correspondence.
I'm raising this matter with the ombudsmen as further fees have been deducted from my account, despite not having any access to the internet for over a month!
This level of service is very disappointing and I'm unfortunately not alone by the looks of the community of customers you have in this forum.