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Upgraded to NBN Home Superfast, no change in download speed

Level 2

Hi there, yesterday I upgraded from TPG NBN100 to the TPG NBN Home Superfast, got an email at 14:41 indicating "TPG NBN Plan Change Completed", but haven't seen any change. 

Did more testing this morning, isolated all other devices, apps, browsers etc. I have CAT 5E from NBN HFC box to the Archer VR1600v, and CAT 6 from the VR1600v to my PC. Speed tests this morning (around 7:30am) were the usual (and dissapointing for NBN100) 73 down and 22 up.

During the upgrade, I did check the following page: to make sure my HW should be ok, and the Superfast should be all good with the VR1600v. 

Is there something that hasn't happened yet at TPGs end ? Or have I missed some documented condition that I don't meet, for this plan?


Thanks in advance.



Level 2

Spoke to TPG helpdesk today, now all sorted.