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Urgent: Fix my account & refund me - it's been months of the worst service of my life.

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Hi TPG, 

The reason I am writing on this discussion board is because I am at my absolute wits end trying to solve any issues with your company in relation to my account. I have contacted customer service on multiple occasions on multiple mediums and still have not had the issues rectified depsite continual promises that they will be. An outline of the issues are below:


1. After relocating to another area, I had significant difficulties with my NBN connection which lead to three separate technicians having to come to my residence to fix the issues. While frustrating, this was eventually resolved after months of waiting decided to give TPG the benefit of the doubt considering COVID-19 rather than cancelling my service.

2. During this time, on 27th April, I received a call from a TPG sales representative (who I believe said their name was Meg), saying that I could upgrade my data speed to the 25/5 rate, for no extra charge because I was a 'loyal' customer. When she made this offer she did not realise that I was on the 100GB and not unlimited plan. So, she stated that I would have to upgrade to the unlimited data plan for $59.99 per month to get the free speed upgrade. I was interested in this deal & asked her to note this on my account, as at the time I was still waiting for the aformentioned issue under 1. to be resolved and did not want to be charged more for an unreliable service. She assured that it had been recorded on my account and when the issues were resovled I could call and accept the aforementioned offer. 

3. When the issue had been resolved, on 8th May, I contacted your plan change department via the live chat and a TPG representative (Jay-R), said that he would honour this aforementioned deal by Meg and that it was 'no problem'. Before telling him to proceed, I clearly asked, 'just to confirm, I am upgrading to the unlimited data on the 25/5 speeds and the monthly cost will be $59.99?'. To which he responded, 'yes' and I confirmed, waiting for this change to take effect. 

4. That night I received an email saying that my plan change is being processed and my new monthly charge will be $69.99, which is not at all what I was offered - twice, confirmed or agreed to. 

5. Upon recieving this email, I rang TPG customer service and spoke to a representative, who stated her name was "Apple". After a long and frustrating 1.5 hours waiting on the phone, she explained that the plan I was offered was not possible, and the plan change that was being processed was in fact the $69.99 per month at 45Mbps speed. She said that what I should have been offered was unlimited data on 12Mbps speed (not 25/5) for $59.99, which makes no sense why a sales representative would call to offer an ordinary plan that I can upgrade myself on the website. I explained to her that the $69.99 currently in process was not what I was offered, nor what I agreed to and asked her to check the records of which apparently there were not there (?) of the phone call, offer, or live chat confirmation. 

6. Disappointed, I then asked Apple to please reverse the changes back, as if this deal could not be honoured I did not want to pay for something that was no better than what I had. She said that this would have to wait until the original order was complete. So depsite TPG's mistake on multiple levels, she stated that she could not interfere with the system while it was being processed. However, she assured that she would take care of this once it was processed, reverse it back to my original plan and keep me updated on the process of changing it. She advised that I would receive a $10 credit on my account and not be charged any amount upon reversal and my billing period on my previous plan would continue as normal. It is now 5th June, it has been almost a month, I have not heard from Apple nor anyone from TPG despite sending another email to the Helpdesk explaining this situation on 16 May. 

8. To top this all off, last night I received a text message from my bank that my account was overdrawn because TPG had decided to direct debit $123.32 from my account. So not only have I had to deal with constant issues for the last 5 months, but now I have been overcharged a significant amount (and will have overdrawn fees), of which I am absolutely dumbfounded as to how it was calculated. 


I am astounded that after wasting countless hours and getting nowhere, this is what has happened and that this is how as you said it 'loyal' customers are treated. My wife and I are both university students and cannot afford this stress nor the extra cost and are extremely disappointed. I work in the telecommunications industry and understand the pressures that are being faced with COVID-19, however, this is not one failure, it is a string of multiple and I have had enough. This is unacceptable company conduct that after 5 months I am still having issues. If this is not resolved within 1 week, I will be reporting this incident to the TIO, so that at least somebody will do something about this. 


If you wish to call me, please do so with the number listed under my account details from someone with seniority that will refund the $123.32 and either honour the aforementioned deal or let me cancel my account. 



Rory McGrady. 




I have forwarded your issue to the appropriate department to give you a call .



Level 2

Thanks John. 


I am still yet to hear anything from TPG on this matter & will be cancelling my account and forwarding the complaint. 


Kind Regards, 




Apologies if you haven't received any update on this, @rorymcgrady. We have escalated your concern to our Complaints Resolution Team and a Complaints Resolution Case manager will contact you through email or phone call to address the matter.