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Use new Archer VR1600v as an extender

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We recently moved houses, and went from fibre cable to NBN. TPG sent us a second Archer v1600v for some reason and we now have 2 identicial routers. We successfully set up the new router for our new home wifi, which is working grest btw, thank you. And now, we'd like to set up the second router as an extender if possible.


I dont know how to set up the second router as an extender. Can you please provide guidance on (1) whether or not it is possible and (2) how we can do that?


I don't know how this works, but we were to set up the second router to connect to the first router's Wifi, and then either use its current settings (from our previous home) to transmit a second wifi, or just extend the first new one if thats possible.


We appreciate help you can give us.




Hi Antony,


Here is a link that may assist you, please note TPG will not be held responsible if it does not work or you make a mistake so be careful.

There are many other websites that cover this topic as well

Good luck