Very slow internet

Level 1c



My internet has been extremely slow for the past week (under 1mbps d/l, ~0.3 mbps u/l). Have tried all the usual turn off/ on, resets etc with no success. 


Can you please refresh the line from your end or provide a response as to how to resolve?


Hi @bpaulsen


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We ran some tests and we found out that the sync speed that your modem detects is indeed not normal. However, our initial assessment points to a possible internal or equipment issue.


If you have other devices other than the modem that's plugged in to a phonesocket (example: homephone), please disconnect them and test your connection speed again to see if it has improved. Similarly, if you connect the modem through a dsl splitter, please bypass the said splitter and test.


Try a different cable (only if you have one) for testing as well. As a last resort, if you have a spare modem, test and see if there's a significant change in the speed.


If after the isolation tests and/or testing other cable or modem (only if available) and you're still getting a low speedtest result, we'll need additional tests to narrow down the issue further. It will require real time testing, so it would be best for us to organize a call from our Technical Team to assist further. Simply PM us your best contact number and preferred time for a call.


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