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Very slow upload speed on ADSL2+

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Hi there,

For some time now, I'm experiencing very slow upload speed in Maroubra Beach area (2035).


TPG Speed test in vast majority of runs ends with UPLOAD TEST ERROR.

After many tries, I've managed to get one valid result yestarday:


When testing with other tools (or application) upload speed is around 0.2 Mbps

See usual google test result:



Each upload test starts with long no upload period (4-5 seconds) and then jump to about 0.2 Mbps.

This issue significantly affect overall speed of my Internet especially when used with multiple devices.


This is evident on wireless and cable as well.


Is my upload speed normal for this TPG Service (ADSL2+)?

I'm pretty sure upload speed was higher at my place couple weeks ago.


Download works fine - about 6-8Mbps during any test. 


Thank you in advance for any help with this issue.

Kind Regards,



Hi @michal,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Please PM us your customer ID, username and complete address so we can pull up the account and check the status of the service.


To send a PM, please refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community

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You're right about the upload speed. You should be getting far higher than that even on a bad day. One would expect speed in that ball park on a dialup connection (of last century) perhaps, but on ADSL2+ you should be getting upwards of 0.75mb/s at least. I know people who get upload speeds around that mark over 4km from the nearest exchange in South Australia - where the internet infrastructure is like a termite-infested house of cards in a hurricane. You should have way better than that being in the Sydney region.

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Hi @Riezl,

Thank you for your response.

I was just contacted by the TPG support and they did some tests remotely.

Technician will be send to check our line.






We are glad to know that @michal. Feel free to post the case progress on this thread and do not hesitate to drop us your account details in case you will need a follow up.



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Hi Guys,

Just update on the issue with my upload speed.

I was informed that Telstra technican fixed speed issue with my internet connection.


Now upload returned to expected levels about 0.9 Mbps.

Looks like download is also slightly faster (and more stable).


Once again thanks for your support!




You're always welcome, @michal! We're glad to know that your service connection issue has been rectified and the upload speed has improved.


Let me know should you require further assistance.