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Waiting for my Customer Supervisor call re wrong modem

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I would like my Customer Supervisor to respond to my call when I call back in 60 minutes re replacement of my NBN modem. I am a new applicant for ADSL as our QLD regional area that now has NBN. In the signup I requested a TP V1600V modem but was sent a Huawei modem instead. After 5 of my calls, no call backs despite a promise I would be called in 48 hours (now expired) I am still getting the 'we'll call you' back and now that Supervisor is 'in a meeting'. I had been told my claim has been verified and all I need is to know how to return the modem I have and receive the expected modem before the activation day next week.


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Thank you - details received and I'll keenly wait for the new modem.

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I got my call back :-)

I am expecting yet another call back after they 'check the modem is compatible for my service' which I know it is.  Maybe I will get the expected modem by activation date...

Community Manager

Hi @stoodlee,

Welcome to the Community.

I have reviewed your account and I am sending you the modem today.

The TP link is now being shipped and usually will be there within 2 days for metro areas and 3 to 5 days for outside metro.

I will sms you the Startrack tracking number once it hit's the system.

Thanks for your patience




Hi @stoodlee


We have provided the consignment number for the modem via private message and SMS. You can contact Startrack (132345) tomorrow to check the whereabouts of the equipment.


Should you require further assistance, feel free to drop us a message. Cheers!

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Thank you - details received and I'll keenly wait for the new modem.

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I also was expecting the TP-Link VR1600v but received the Hauwei HG 659 a couple of days ago, I'm due to be patched across to NBN FTTN from an existing tpg ADSL(1) service tomorrow. I'm initialy sceptical about the Hauwei after reading so many negative reviews, I havn't been able to test it as it's firmware is locked to VDSL only so can't connect to the existing ADSL, what I can test is it's WiFi range, it seems to exceed (on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands) the range of my current TP-Link TD-W8970 N300 2.4ghz only modem/router. I'll be interested to see how it works in the real world, the Hauwei does have a broadcom chipset in it at least so that's a plus. I'll give the HG 659 the benefit of the doubt before I decide what to do. Keep us posted on how you find the VR1600v.