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When will I get a response from you guys? NO INTERNET FOR A WHOLE DAY

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No connection for the whole day - this is absurd.. and no online help. Have spent the entire day trying to get onto you guys. Please contact me 0469906223 or send me an email or let me know what to do. I have not received a new modem as this message suggests that needs configuring..


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I can see modem not authenticated, seems we may need to configure manually. Can you please give me your modem model and Username? by private message



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Hi @RajenS   have sent you those details in a private message earlier today but still no response. Do I need to be online to work on this with you? Or will you manually configure the modem and let me know when the issue is fixed? Please inform me.

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@RajenS Hi there, I am running out of mobile data to stay online for this issue to be resolved. Can you please send me some sort of instruction on when my issue will be fixed and whether I need to be online or not?

I'm running very low on data right now... and need you to respond asap. Gotta make sure I can work tomorrow using phone data if you guys don't give me connection today. 


This is Day 2 without TPG connection.



  I am sorry to hear that,

The engineering Team, trying their best to convince NBN. 

What we are trying to do, which we never did for any other customer,

we have to wait until NBN reply,






Hi there, 5615712 


Could you please clarify with me, is this a new service and/or a new modem setup?

and what type of NBN technology is this? 


I could help and provide you with some info to set up your modem if that is the only issue? Also to help further before you refer to the links i can provide..


 you may require to know your TPG username and password 



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Hi I have not got a new modem.. The internet went off on Friday and I tried to restart the modem... and then no response from my enquiries on this community.


I have my username and password.. but one of the reps from TPG wrote one sentence - saying to send him my modem model number and user id. since Saturday I have not heard from them.