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Why are sales calls answered

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Have attempted to change my address for 5 weeks. Went on line using the CHAT option 3 times 18,19 and 20th March only to receive the  message all 3 times that the call was disconnected by the operator. Average 2 hrs waiting each time. Sent a complaint and received email response on the 25th showing details of the change of address. Only other communication an email advising they we re checking NBN availability when I clearly advised TPG that the building only has ADSL capability.

Today called SALES and too my amazment call was picked up within 5 min. Sadly first call was simply transferred to the same voice message telling me to use CHAT even though I was expressly advised I would be sent to a person and not the recorded message. My 2nd attempt has progessed, Lenny advised she will call back which she did and now I wait for the Moving Team.

Why when you require assistance it is impossible but SALES answer within minutes. Will keep you posted.


Hi Veryannoyed,


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Could you advice what sort of enquiries do you need to know?. If you are moving premises you could do it online

Otherwise you can pm your CID so I can assist you in a better way.